A globally-competitive work force

A globally-competitive work force with theoretical, as well as hands-on, education must be trained. In addition to the areas of science, engineering, microelectronics and packaging, this training must encompass the broader areas of business, economics, ethics, foreign culture and languages.

Association for Promoting Electronics Technology - IMAPS Romania

APTE, The Association for Promoting Electronics Technology is IMAPS Romania and has currently 88 members. APTE was founded in 2002, by the Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques (UPB-CETTI) together with highly respected members of the electronics industry, in order to support the electronics packaging education and engineering, in a climate of trust, ethics, and social responsibility. APTE/ IMAPS Romania organizes annually important technical and scientific events, two of the most important being TIE (tie.ro) and SIITME (siitme.ro), international events with large participation. Go to their webpages for additional details!

E-learning Education and Continuing Training to Electronics

The rapid development of microelectronics devices and their assembling technologies is accompanied by the dramatic change of the knowledge required from all technical personnel engineers, technicians, skilled or even unskilled workers) employed in this field. It causes a contradiction of the high population of unemployment people with the increasing number of working places offered by the electronics assembling companies, in particular in the East parts of the European Union, as such companies move from the West to these regions in the expectation of low salary rates.

By the adaptation and integration of innovative contents and results into a public, multi-lingual training system, the Elect2eat project provides a new innovative virtual training facility for trainees and teachers, for continuing and convergent education, for people who are searching for job and companies that would like to develop their workforce, and for many other fields.

The transferred innovative content will mostly appear in the form of three tangible products.

R1. The Virtual EMS Factory, the virtualized, web-based version of the equipment, their parameters and operation principles, and the processes, which are now used in a typical Electronics Manufacturing Service Factory, like in Foxconn, Flextronics, Sanmina-SCI, Jabil, Celestica, just to mention the first five from the top ten of world-wide ranking. To make a virtual tour in the virtual factory or just to have an impression how it looks like, please visit the EMS Factory at the www.elect2eat.eu website.

R2. EAT e-learning program with three modules (Design for Manufacturing; Printed Circuit Boards; and Assembling & Inspection Technologies) of the most important topics of Electronics Assembling Technology. Each module is a specific web-cast with free navigation possibility, and access to more written and oral explanations, movies and videos, a photo library, self-assessment possibility, etc.

R3. EAT Certified Assessment Option will be a new initiative to use the self-assessment tools of ‘definition matching quiz’ and ‘picture matching quiz’ of the e-learning program to examine the knowledge of the trainee, who would like to acquire a certificate of the successful fulfillment of the training. Application of the products in the train-the-trainers and demonstration actions during the project
lifetime assures the proper progress of the innovation transfer.


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APTE was founded in 2002, by the Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques, UPB-CETTI, and highly respected members of electronics industry, to promote the electronics packaging education.